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Swanning around

I saw a mink on the way back from parkrun on Saturday, yes a mink. I’d never seen one before, but there it was just sitting by the side of the path. Very cute it was too, it looked at me, then hid in a pile of leaves, poked it’s head out a few times, then bounded off.

It was one of those, “Wish I had a camera,” moments. That was the second time in a week it had happened.

There are usually one or two swans hanging about on the canals as I run past, but not this day, there were two groups next to each other, all stood on the bank too, not in the water, the first bevy had 11 adult swans and 3 almost adult cygnets. A few metres away, there was another group, this one had 9 grown swans and one almost adult cygnet.

I was so thrown by this I had to stop running, a cyclist rode past me, “I know, weird isn’t it,” he said, and it was. I’ve been back to that bit of the canal since, and the flock seems to have dispersed. Back down to just one or two.

It’s funny the things that you see when you’re out running, I’ve been a bit guilty in the past of zoning out and not really noticing what’s going on around me, but I’m making an effort to engage a bit more with what’s going on.

Who knows what I’m going to see next.