Already playing catch up

I can’t believe it’s only day four and already I’ve missed one and am doing two together, still, I think it’s still within 24 hours so just about get away with it I hope…

Day three was supposed to be my speed work session, but the weather was lovely and it’s less than two weeks till the marathon so I’m not convinced it’ll make any difference now anyway. Instead, I did an 8 mile run taking in some of my favourite bits along the way, then skipped the stretching and went straight to yoga, spent quite a lot of time upside down which for some reason, I really like. Marvelous.

Not too dissimilar today, started out with half an hour on the bike, then a decent 10k run with as many hills as I could squeeze in without repeating. I had planned to go straight for a swim, but decided not to inflict my “still in winter mode” hairy legs on the world and went to Pilates instead. (It’s sorted now, so swimming tomorrow.)

To be honest, I’m really glad that I did a longer run yesterday as the temperature was heating up and it was a good test of my body in those conditions. A marathon, in the middle of June, with a 10am start, does worry me a bit, heatwise, it being in Liverpool, and on the coast, should help rather than the sunnier south, but still, I’m not used to running in the heat. Still, it should make that pint at the end all the more well earned.

So just over 20 miles run so far, two hours on the bike, two Pilates and and one yoga class done, feeling like June is off to a good start.

Stationary speeding

A lot of today’s moving was between tube stations and up and down the corridors of the Science museum, but I’m not going to claim that as my Juneathon. I spent an hour on an exercise bike, 20 minutes in the morning before school and 40 in the evening.

That bike is definitely up there on my list of best birthday presents ever, it means I can always do something, and not worry about who is looking after the children (because it’s me).

Today, I decided to really push it as I’d missed my run and yoga to go on the trip (don’t get me wrong, I love a school trip, cheese sandwiches from the school canteen are provided) and hiked up both the tension and the speed. It also means I get to indulge my new Netflix boxset habit while I’m doing it. I’ve discovered Orange is the New Black, suggested by a friend, a great way to help increase the stationary speed.

Hope to be back running tomorrow, hill sprints are calling. Still day two exercise done and blogged and feeling positive.

Happy Juneathon!

So, June is here and that means Juneathon, a fantastic opportunity to give myself a push and get blogging again! First day got off to a good start, with a netball session at the school. Then I wrapped my run around a Pilates class, running there and back and a bit to get my 10k in today.

I’m in such a better state of fitness now since January when I was recovering from my broken foot and have got back to enjoying my running. Since my last post, I’ve embraced the gym too and now enjoy my strength and conditioning sessions.

It’s the Liverpool Marathon in just under a fortnight and I’m really looking forward to testing myself properly again. I’m not usually very good at tapering, but this time I’m feeling really positive about it, because there were times along the way that I thought I wouldn’t make it.

It was exciting today too to confirm my London Marathon place for 2016 after deferring this year as I knew I wouldn’t be ready.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with the blogs of my fellow Juneathoners over the next few weeks.

Pants, I’d forgotten the gym sucks

This is a bit of a catch up, not a great week for blogging, but not a bad week for #janathon. Every day, I’ve still had my early morning core/stretch/yoga thing going on, followed by 30 minutes on the bike (mostly in pjs, although a couple of times, I’ve actually got out some proper kit to wear!).

I had a hard physio session on Tuesday, so abandoned my swim and pilates, which was probably the sensible thing to do although it put me in a very bad mood to miss it. (Just ask my partner!)

Thursday was more physio and nothing much allowed over and above the usual until today. I’ve been back in the gym for the first time since I last broke my foot four years ago. And I’d sort of forgotten how much I hate it.

All I was to do – under instruction from my physiotherapist – was 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 3 x 10 sets on the leg press and then a final 10 minutes on the cross trainer.

Ok, sounds straightforward, but no. I got on the cross thingy whatsit and pressed all the buttons, nothing seemed to be happening, so I tried another, then on the fourth a guy behind me advised that you have to move your feet and arms to spark it into action. Huge thanks to him, but why doesn’t just pressing start work? Grrrrr, made me miss running even more.

After getting that sorted, I was supposed to use the leg press, of course none of the things in the gym have a label and it really wasn’t obvious what it was, so I had to find someone to ask. After a 10-minute wait – they really need to employ more people – a really lovely member of staff showed me what it was and what to do and gave me a bit of extra help and advice about my foot.

A final 10 minutes on the cross trainer and then I was free! I headed to the pool as my reward, doh, forgot my bag and had to go back, wasting more time and so ended up only doing 40 lengths, not the 80 I’d hoped for as I’d got my timings all wrong, what with the nonsense in the gym and all. It did remind me how much I enjoy being in the pool more than the gym and running even more.

Still, I’m back in my blogging mojo now so hopefully that’ll get me more motivated to try more in the gym again, even if it’s just so I can use this space to have a big old moan about it. If I’m moaning a lot, that means I’m in the gym a lot right? All good?

Longing for a real bike

After treating myself to a session in the Olympic Pool on Monday, I couldn’t face the local 25m pool yesterday with only one lane given over to swimming, the rest of the pool was filled with lessons. I’d come out of a Pilates class and was going to have a quick swim to refresh myself and stretch out but it was just too busy.

Still, today, I managed my core work, stretching and a bit of yoga, followed by a tougher than usual session on the bike, a 25 minute speed cycle, before cranking up the tension to start increasing my strength.

I’m enjoying doing my cycling at home, in my pyjamas if I need to, catching up on a bit of iPlayer or listening to the radio. This morning I discovered that I can watch a Merlin on Netflix. While all this is very enjoyable, I’m desperate to get out on my ‘proper bike’.

I was back at the physio today and will be again tomorrow, I’m still being told I have to wait a little bit longer to get outside, my balance and strength isn’t quite there yet. I have thought about turning the bike around so it faces outside, but I think that might be more frustrating, watching a lovely sunny, crisp morning while I’m stuck static.

Still, on a positive note, I am definitely getting stronger, and by the time the snow, ice and cold weather disappears and spring arrives, I should be out and about properly, if not quite running, then definitely on my bike.

#janathon is making me stronger, I’m really glad I signed up for the extra motivation.

Making a splash

I can’t believe how ridiculously excited I was this morning knowing that I was going to go for a swim in the London Aquatics Centre – the Olympic swimming pool no less.

It’s been more than a year since I last went for a swim in a 50 metre pool so I was a bit nervous at the thought of stepping up the distance. Then I walked towards the pool and was completely blown away. It was just as impressive as I remembered from watching the Olympics there.

And then, there I was, in that pool seen all over the world, graced by the likes of Rebecca Adlington and Ellie Simmonds. It was a fantastic feeling, the space is filled with lots of natural light which was really uplifting.

My last few swims have been 80 lengths, but I didn’t want to set a target for this, I was just going to enjoy the moment. But then, once I got going and fell into the rhythm, I’d got to 40 before I realised – the equivalent of 80 in my usual pool. I couldn’t leave it there though and splashed out another two lengths.

I had to force myself out of the pool, it was such a treat to swim there, and at just £3 for a session, I’m definitely going back. It’s been my highlight of #janathon so far!

A sneaky peak at (my) normality

Today felt a little bit more like the old pre-break days, which has definitely given me a bit of a lift. I managed to fit in another Pilates class today and followed it with another 80 lengths of the pool. Plus, of course, the usual early morning routine, and I’m still at 25 minutes on the bike (pjs obligatory).

Today’s Pilates was a little harder on my foot, the teacher called for a downward dog, and I behaved like a naughty puppy and refused. Ok, that’s taking it a bit far, but at the moment it just won’t bend that way. I also discovered that I can’t do that side plank thing, I’m sure there’s a proper name, but it’s late on a Friday and I can’t think now.

After this, I was feeling a bit tired, up early to cycle, walked to class, an hour of Pilates, so I ummmed and ahhhed about whether to go swimming. I put my coat and boots back on – easier to carry them downstairs, honest – and got to the pool changing area, where I hung about for a few minutes, procrastinating.

I had a little chat with myself, as you do, and reminded myself that I never regret doing any exercise and as I’m a member and pay whether I swim or not, it doesn’t matter if I only do 10 lengths or two – and anyway, I still needed to have a shower from this morning and now I’ve left the Pilates changing area and moved to the pool, I can’t go back up…

Again, swimming costume on, goggles on, I was having my pre-swim shower – I like to stick to the rules – and contemplated for minute of sneaking straight out again, no one had seen me after all. But then I’d know. So I finally committed. And boy was I glad that I did!

80 lengths later I forced myself out of the pool, with a satisfied smile on my face.

My favourite days pre-break were when I managed to get in an early run, then cycle to yoga, a quick swim and cycle home. Today was a slight twist on that, but almost as good.

The endorphins are still raging!

So, #janathon day 9 summary, strength work, 25 minutes on the bike, hour of Pilates and 80 lengths of the pool. I feel the need to add a big tick.