I was never a runner. At secondary school, I volunteered to run the mile on sports day, only because no one else would. I came last, by a long way, and that was it for me and running.

In my 20s, I took up swimming and had a few lessons, finding I really enjoyed it, swimming a mile most days. Then, a colleague at work suggested I do a triathlon, he assured me that if I could swim, that was the hardest part licked and I’d breeze the rest. Bear in mind, that I didn’t own a bike at this point and hadn’t attempted to run since that fateful day, about twenty years earlier.

So I bought a bike, some running shoes and set about training, only to discover that I really enjoyed the running, much more than I’d dare dream! It was only a 5k run but it was enough to plant a seed in me.

Having completed the sprint distance in a not too shabby 1:39:40, I pledged to run a marathon before I was 40. I didn’t get a chance to over the next few years as the kids arrived, then it was my final opportunity. In April 2009, I completed my first marathon, just eight months shy of my 40th birthday.

That was it, I was totally hooked. I have run two further marathons since then and a few 10ks and still love it, setting myself new targets all the time.

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