#Juneathon, I salute you

So, that’s it, the 30 days of June and Juneathon come to a close. To be honest, I’ve been a bit rubbish about blogging, but since tweeting is now an acceptable contribution, I’ve persuaded myself that I have been able to fully take part.

As today was the last day, I knew I had to do a run befitting the end of the project. Given it was probably the hottest day of the year so far, I decided to choose my route carefully – parks with water fountains or understanding café owners where the main necessities. I ran 10k at 9am and it was properly hot, but great. I did feel a bit guilty turning up to yoga not having showered yet, but given it was Hot Bikram Yoga, it was pretty sweaty anyway.

After yoga, I had a quick swim to cool down properly before heading home. I really enjoy the multi-discipline days, but the run is always the highlight, outside, fresh(ish) air, views(ish again!)

I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s blogs during the month and getting back to blogging, although I didn’t manage as much as I’d hoped. I’m going to try to keep it up a bit more, there’s a couple of funny moments from the last couple of weeks that I’d like to share so I’ll put them together.

Finally, thank you to the juneathon team and all the bloggers and if not before, catch up with #janathon!

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