Already playing catch up

I can’t believe it’s only day four and already I’ve missed one and am doing two together, still, I think it’s still within 24 hours so just about get away with it I hope…

Day three was supposed to be my speed work session, but the weather was lovely and it’s less than two weeks till the marathon so I’m not convinced it’ll make any difference now anyway. Instead, I did an 8 mile run taking in some of my favourite bits along the way, then skipped the stretching and went straight to yoga, spent quite a lot of time upside down which for some reason, I really like. Marvelous.

Not too dissimilar today, started out with half an hour on the bike, then a decent 10k run with as many hills as I could squeeze in without repeating. I had planned to go straight for a swim, but decided not to inflict my “still in winter mode” hairy legs on the world and went to Pilates instead. (It’s sorted now, so swimming tomorrow.)

To be honest, I’m really glad that I did a longer run yesterday as the temperature was heating up and it was a good test of my body in those conditions. A marathon, in the middle of June, with a 10am start, does worry me a bit, heatwise, it being in Liverpool, and on the coast, should help rather than the sunnier south, but still, I’m not used to running in the heat. Still, it should make that pint at the end all the more well earned.

So just over 20 miles run so far, two hours on the bike, two Pilates and and one yoga class done, feeling like June is off to a good start.

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