Stationary speeding

A lot of today’s moving was between tube stations and up and down the corridors of the Science museum, but I’m not going to claim that as my Juneathon. I spent an hour on an exercise bike, 20 minutes in the morning before school and 40 in the evening.

That bike is definitely up there on my list of best birthday presents ever, it means I can always do something, and not worry about who is looking after the children (because it’s me).

Today, I decided to really push it as I’d missed my run and yoga to go on the trip (don’t get me wrong, I love a school trip, cheese sandwiches from the school canteen are provided) and hiked up both the tension and the speed. It also means I get to indulge my new Netflix boxset habit while I’m doing it. I’ve discovered Orange is the New Black, suggested by a friend, a great way to help increase the stationary speed.

Hope to be back running tomorrow, hill sprints are calling. Still day two exercise done and blogged and feeling positive.

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