Happy Juneathon!

So, June is here and that means Juneathon, a fantastic opportunity to give myself a push and get blogging again! First day got off to a good start, with a netball session at the school. Then I wrapped my run around a Pilates class, running there and back and a bit to get my 10k in today.

I’m in such a better state of fitness now since January when I was recovering from my broken foot and have got back to enjoying my running. Since my last post, I’ve embraced the gym too and now enjoy my strength and conditioning sessions.

It’s the Liverpool Marathon in just under a fortnight and I’m really looking forward to testing myself properly again. I’m not usually very good at tapering, but this time I’m feeling really positive about it, because there were times along the way that I thought I wouldn’t make it.

It was exciting today too to confirm my London Marathon place for 2016 after deferring this year as I knew I wouldn’t be ready.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with the blogs of my fellow Juneathoners over the next few weeks.

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