Longing for a real bike

After treating myself to a session in the Olympic Pool on Monday, I couldn’t face the local 25m pool yesterday with only one lane given over to swimming, the rest of the pool was filled with lessons. I’d come out of a Pilates class and was going to have a quick swim to refresh myself and stretch out but it was just too busy.

Still, today, I managed my core work, stretching and a bit of yoga, followed by a tougher than usual session on the bike, a 25 minute speed cycle, before cranking up the tension to start increasing my strength.

I’m enjoying doing my cycling at home, in my pyjamas if I need to, catching up on a bit of iPlayer or listening to the radio. This morning I discovered that I can watch a Merlin on Netflix. While all this is very enjoyable, I’m desperate to get out on my ‘proper bike’.

I was back at the physio today and will be again tomorrow, I’m still being told I have to wait a little bit longer to get outside, my balance and strength isn’t quite there yet. I have thought about turning the bike around so it faces outside, but I think that might be more frustrating, watching a lovely sunny, crisp morning while I’m stuck static.

Still, on a positive note, I am definitely getting stronger, and by the time the snow, ice and cold weather disappears and spring arrives, I should be out and about properly, if not quite running, then definitely on my bike.

#janathon is making me stronger, I’m really glad I signed up for the extra motivation.

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