Making a splash

I can’t believe how ridiculously excited I was this morning knowing that I was going to go for a swim in the London Aquatics Centre – the Olympic swimming pool no less.

It’s been more than a year since I last went for a swim in a 50 metre pool so I was a bit nervous at the thought of stepping up the distance. Then I walked towards the pool and was completely blown away. It was just as impressive as I remembered from watching the Olympics there.

And then, there I was, in that pool seen all over the world, graced by the likes of Rebecca Adlington and Ellie Simmonds. It was a fantastic feeling, the space is filled with lots of natural light which was really uplifting.

My last few swims have been 80 lengths, but I didn’t want to set a target for this, I was just going to enjoy the moment. But then, once I got going and fell into the rhythm, I’d got to 40 before I realised – the equivalent of 80 in my usual pool. I couldn’t leave it there though and splashed out another two lengths.

I had to force myself out of the pool, it was such a treat to swim there, and at just £3 for a session, I’m definitely going back. It’s been my highlight of #janathon so far!

1 thought on “Making a splash

  1. This sounds really fantastic! I’d love to give that a shot. (I’m supposed to be having a go at the cycling arena some time soon, and can see that the two might go well together.) Excellent job on the distance front, too!

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