Four firsts and a failure

Ok, it’s official, I’m knackered.

This has been a big week of firsts for me, and I’ve loved every minute of it, though my body is now crying ‘enough!’.

My first first, was a trip down to London Bridge to have a session at the Hot Bikram Yoga studio. I’m relatively new to yoga, I only started in October, so I was a little bit anxious about the intensity of the heat and the workout. That was once I’d worked out what to wear of course (not much).

For those who don’t know, the class is carried out in a room at about 40 C and is a series of 26 postures.

I got really sweaty – which is the general idea – and I liked it far more than I thought I would, that heat did seem to make me more flexible than I usually am. As soon as I got home I signed up for more sessions.

My second first was a new approach to my interval / speed session. I’ve been doing 200m sprints at full pelt and repeating, but after my weekend session of marathon training with the Run Doctor, I decided to have a go at Yasso 800s.

The idea is you run 800m fast, then however long it takes you, you recover for that amount of time by walking or light running, then go for the 800m again. This is then repeated until you’ve done 10 sets of 800m, all completed within a five second range.

I found the idea a bit daunting to be honest and set out to do six, but then the fifth felt really good and positive, so I thought, ah, go on then, lets do eight, then of course by the time you’ve done eight, you might as well go on and do 10. Or so I persuaded myself.

The theory is that if you can do the 800m in, say, four mins, give or take five seconds either way over all ten laps then this predicts your marathon finish time to be 4 hours, give or take five minutes either way.

I’ve read lots of conflicting stuff on the internet about whether or not this is an accurate prediction and whether or not there not there is any real benefit of speed work for marathon runners. To be honest, I quite enjoyed doing something different to normal and it can’t do me any harm, surely?

New thing number three was getting out the foam roller. There’s one at home from when my husband dislocated a shoulder, but I’ve never really thought about using it before. I’ve still not quite got the hang of it, but thank goodness for YouTube, all makes a bit more sense than reading about it. Hamstrings were very grateful.

My last first of the week was finally getting round to doing a strength session. Probably the bit I’d been least looking forward to, all the repetitions are a bit, well, dull, and I was stuck inside. Even trying to distract myself with music, radio or TV couldn’t really brighten it up. Still I did it, and here’s hoping I’m getting some benefit from it.

That’s it, one new thing a day, till today. Can’t really claim that I tried anything new today, had planned to try an energy gel on my long run, but failed to get round to buying any, still a bit unsure about which one to go for.

So next week’s new things are hill sprints and I will seek out some gels to try. All good stuff.

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