Marathon training with the Run Doctor

There always seems to be more to know or learn as a runner. I’m forever thinking that I don’t know enough about this or that, so when I saw an email for a Marathon Running workshop with The Run Doctor, Ed, that was my Christmas present sorted out and I didn’t have to drop a ridiculous amount of hints.

Because I’m – ever so slightly – addicted to parkrun, I left early to run the two miles to the nearest one to where the workshop was taking place. I know, I cheated on my local parkrun, but there was no chance of a PB so I felt like I could be forgiven. I did come to slightly regret this, more of that later.

I enjoyed the new, hillier challenge and felt all fired up as I arrived for the day.

After a brief introduction about how the day would go, we were taken off to be filmed running on the treadmill for analysis later. Oh dear, I hate running on a treadmill and being filmed, brrrrrr. Still, it was all in a good cause, just had to not think too much about it.

The course took us through training methods, essential elements to include – long, tempo, recovery runs, intervals and strength work. We looked at nutrition, recovery tips, planning a training schedule, the importance of tapering and running technique.

To help with our technique, we went to a nearby running track and did some warm up exercises and simple exercises aimed at improving our posture and running style. Then it was laps of the track, two – or 800m – at a time. The aim was to run fast and then rest before repeating, hopefully at the same pace, up to ten times.

Sadly for me, that was where the earlier running took its toll. By now it was nearly 1.30 and I was soooo hungry! Managed three lots of 800m, but that was enough! Lesson learnt – don’t do all that running without a snack at some point.

After (a very much wanted on my part) lunch, Ed went through the treadmill clips, critiquing everyone, suggesting areas of improvement. Some things I’m definitely going to work on.

We finished the session with a Q&A, before heading home, all inspired and raring to go. I would definitely recommend the workshop (take snacks), it was very relaxed, warm and friendly as well as being packed with information and advice. There was a booklet to take home too, with some exercises modeled by the lovely Ed himself.

I was going to run back, but thought, forget that, I’m getting the bus, so I had a nice sit down all the way home and then some well-earned pizza for tea.

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