Back to normality

Normality has finally returned to the house. The kids went back to school yesterday and I’m getting along nicely with week four (really, week four already?) of my marathon training programme.

I admit that I was really anxious about the school holidays as often it’s hard to find time to go running but this year was the most successful yet. I only missed a couple of days running over past few weeks, and, given that one of them was Christmas and the family had banned me from going out that day, I don’t think I’ve done too badly.

It all started well, with my last parkrun of the year, I was pleased to finish ahead of Santa fascinator lady, but just behind tinsel fascinator lady! I think I might have passed a couple of Santa hats too.

The next day there was a bit of a hiccough, I pretty much lost my voice and developed a lovely chesty cough. Still, didn’t stop me running on the Monday, whoops. Got home and nearly collapsed, so took Christmas Eve off.

I convinced everyone I was better by Boxing Day and there was clear blue sky so headed out for a refreshing 10k, including a bit of the parkrun route. It was a bit weird doing it on my own and felt slightly naughty, like climbing over the gate to play in the school playground.

The next few days went according to plan, including a 13-mile long run.

I made it the New Year’s Day parkrun! It had been a very late night on New Year’s Eve and there were a few scoops drunk, but it was the best way to clear my head and sneak in a nine-mile run.

Two more 6am starts followed, getting used to it now, then up north. I got to take in a run along the river Dee and the Wirral Way which I like – apart from the big hill at the end. Then I got to see a completely new bit of Manchester for me, running along the canals there.

So, I’ve surprised myself by remaining on track with my training, sprints yesterday and then back in the pool this morning. First yoga session for three weeks this afternoon too, teacher broke us back into it gently but my body was still a bit shocked by what it was being asked to do.

Finished the class feeling all enthused about my up coming training and planned my long route for Friday as I cycled home.

I think a soak in the bath and some Christmas chocolate is called for tonight.

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