First run done

Happy New Year! So far, so good.

Woke up just after nine, and pretty much threw my clothes on and headed out of the door to make it to parkrun for 10am. It was raining seriously cold rain, and the wind was, well, biting, but the sight of my fellow parkrunners waiting to get going made everything warm and tingly.

Hats off to the few who were on their second parkrun of the day, they were easy to spot as they were already sporting mudsplashed legs.

I have no idea what my time was today, I forgot to start the Garmin going so just ran. It felt like a decent pace and the cold rain was an incentive to go faster anyway.

It was great to chat to some of the regulars at the end before heading home on the last leg of my nine mile run. Back in time for a perfect hangover / post run refueling breakfast of scrambled eggs and beans.

What a great start to 2014, looking forward to a good year of running.

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