So that was 2013…

As we’re about to start 2014 and a tough set of running challenges, including three marathons and a duathlon, I’ve been trying to think what my running highlights have been for the past year.

This was the year I ran as part of the Write This Run team at the Women’s Running 10k, discovered – and fell in love with – parkrun, completed the Paris Marathon and notched up a few new PBs.

I’m really proud of completing the Paris Marathon, there was one point when I thought it wasn’t going to happen after twisting my knee in training, but a few days of intense resting and icing and it was ok again. I loved starting on the Champs Elysees and running through that beautiful city.

In October, I finally got my act together and registered for parkrun, completing my first in Edinburgh. Since that first one, I’ve knocked two minutes and three seconds off my PB at my local event and feel that Saturday isn’t complete without my 5k race, which often comes in the middle of an 8-10 mile run.

It’s great to chat with other runners at the end and I’m getting to know a few regular faces. One week even led to a spontaneous hug at the end with a fellow runner as we’d been pushing each other on during the race, which helped us both.

This was also the year I started this blog and tweeting more, which led me to a blogging workshop held by Write This Run and their conference at the Running Show. These events have been fantastic, inspiring and fun, best of all though was getting to meet lots of other fabulous runners, putting faces to twitter handles and blogs. I now feel part of a community that is supportive, informative and entertaining.

Now, as the year ends, I’m in the third week of marathon training for Brighton in April, which is followed six weeks later by Liverpool. It’s been going well, especially since it is school holidays and my usual routines are all over the place. I’m really excited about my challenges for next year, my most full on so far.

Happy New Year to all!

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