Shopping, shopping and a bit of running

It all started with the Write This Run conference at the Running Show last month. It was the lunch break and I wandered around looking at all the stuff to buy, ‘One little running skirt won’t hurt,’ I said to myself, and ‘Well, you can’t not need laces.’

Skip to three weeks later and my small, but perfectly formed, purchases at the Running Show have been joined by a thermal base layer and running vest from Sweaty Betty (it was my birthday, ok), new Asics running shoes (essential item), three pairs of socks (it was three for two, how could I not?), a pair of Kalenji running tights (after @Cat_Simpson described them soooo toasty (and super comfy)) and a pair of thermal gloves (absolutely essential in my case).

Oh, and a new blue jacket, so I’m slightly more visible in the dark.


My credit card is exhausted and has taken itself off for a well earned rest. I’m not usually one for shopping but I found myself in a whole new kind of zone, I think it’s over, for now.

Back to concentrating on the running again, it’s suddenly week one of the 16 week training schedule for Brighton Marathon, and my new kit is going to be thoroughly put through it’s paces over the next few months. My new shoes are already a bit muddy and have lost that brand new look. Let’s see how they look in April.

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