Filling up the race card

The past few weeks mostly seem to have been about entering stuff. My race diary is filling up nicely for 2014. So far, I’ve got two confirmed marathon places, Brighton and Liverpool, and I’m hoping to get a third in York – I’ve pre-registered so fingers crossed for that – a duathlon and the British 10k. I’ll be hovering over my keyboard in January too to enter the ballot for the Royal Parks half marathon.

On top of all that, there’s the weekly parkrun, which I can see becoming an addiction. At the last one, I wasn’t really in the mood, so ended up sticking behind another woman and using her pace. It led to us both getting a new PB and a spontaneous hug at the end. How can you not love parkrun!

All this planning leaves me with a couple of things to think about – can I now get away with buying more kit and how am I going to top it all in 2015? I think I’ve got an answer to the first one already (running skirt, jacket and gloves so far, and that’s just one weekend) and I’m thinking London Marathon and Royal Parks Ultra for 2015 to kick off with. Hmm, do I have another triathlon in me?

Legs, we can do this!

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