Pandas, herons and general ramblings

Well, that was quite a weekend. I’ve been thinking about sorting out a double marathon year for a while, training during the school holidays has been my big worry, but I’ve gone and done it, well, I’ve pre-registered for York next year.

Having read @nylonruns great blogpost about it, I’m a little nervous of that hill, but, as I’ve got a good year till the event, I’ll just remember to fit it into the training.

Then, feeling all inspired, I finally got round to signing up for parkrun, which I’m pretty excited about. There are a few local to me, but as it’s half term and we’re going up to see the where the panda baby might have been, I’m hoping to do my first one in Edinburgh.

I like their description, that as it borders the Firth of Forth, “you can be exposed to the elements”. I’ll be able to see just how much of my northern grit is left after living in the south of England for so long. (Not much I reckon.) Time to dig out the full length running tights perhaps?

Other than planning more events for next year (Brighton was already booked in for April), I have been doing some actual running too.

I’m experimenting with some new routes, just to explore the area a bit more, even doing a route anti-clockwise instead makes the whole experience seem completely different somehow.

This Friday I’m planning to finally get out on my bike and plan some longer runs in new areas, hills, here I come.

And finally….I have to say, I’ve been a bit worried after my last few runs, I’d got used to seeing this group of three herons at the same three separate spots, all very close to each other, but they’ve not been there for a week. I sought reassurance from the RSPB website, but they don’t migrate, so I’m just hoping they’ve moved somewhere new, with better fish.

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