Daring to get back on the bike

After a good week of running last week, I was worried that I’d crash this week and it would all go horribly wrong, as so often happens.

But no, still upbeat and still going.

I don’t normally run on a Saturday, I often squeeze in a sneaky early morning swim, but fancied a run last week and the last minuteness of it spurred me on to run 5 miles in less than 40 minutes, on a new route too.

Everything carried on well too, a gentle, stretching 10k on Monday, sprints on Tuesday, 10k – another new route – Wednesday and then a lovely longer, 10 miles today. Enjoying building up the miles again, looking forward to getting back to old some of my old routes, starting to build up slowly for the marathon.

Tomorrow though, I’ve decided it’s about time I got the bike out. I haven’t really cycled for about nine years, well, ten really if you don’t count commuting to work, apart from pootling about with the kids. My last excursion was a five mile trip, but it took us the best part of two hours and to be honest, it’s really hard going that slow without actually falling off, so going it alone has got to be easier than that.

Thinking about getting back on the bike has made me think about other things I used to do, and has led me to consider digging out the wetsuit and go to an open water swimming session at the local reservoir. While getting on the bike is not too daunting, the thought of getting in a wetsuit (will it even fit?) is slightly terrifying.

Still, if I do jump back on the bike or into the water, it will be without pressure or a particular goal in mind – apart from not falling off or drowning – so I can just go with it and, hopefully enjoy it.

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