It’s all about the pace

Brighton Marathon is a bit too far away at the moment to really think about training for it, and I’ve finally nailed the sub-50 10k (I’d probably better stop banging on about it) so what was I going to do for inspiration now?

I was moaning to a friend about the need for motivation to move to the next level and she suggested a 15k in the middle of October, which sounded about right. The chance to increase the distance, but in a sensible manageable chunk, with my speed work continuing too.

Whatever time I get, it will be a PB for this distance, but I want to plan to get a time that I’m happy with. I know what I’m aiming for at the marathon and I don’t want to mess about with that, so I’m going to have a proper think about it.

Recently, I been averaging 8 minute miles for the sub-50 effort, but I’m pretty sure that’s too big an ask for the extra 5k, given that I’ve only run 15k once in the past three months.

If I aim for 8.20 min miles, that’ll bring me in at just over 1hr 17mins, or I could go for a sub-80, which means an average of 8.34 min miles. But then it seems a real shame to be losing so much pace so soon after the 10k.

Oh, the dilemmas of a runner.

On the other hand, I could just completely relax about it, ditch the Garmin for the day and just run to enjoy it, but can I really do that without getting all twitchy? Maybe I should make it part of my training.

Whichever way I decide to go, I’m definitely looking forward to another race day in Hyde Park, London, on (hopefully) a beautiful, crisp autumn day.

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