Summer runnin’

School holidays started today, which is brilliant. I love having the kids at home, no shouting to get to school on time, making packed lunches or them taking ages trying to decide what to wear. Mostly just fun stuff, pleasing ourselves, going wherever and whenever we fancy it, and if we have to buy a cheese sandwich ‘cause we spent too long in the park, then fine.

The only flipside for me is that I no longer get my regular 9am running slot. To keep up my regular running habit, I’m going tohave to drag myself out of bed before 6am, which is going to be a challenge, I’m not good in a morning! It does mean that I might see a whole new side to my local area, and a whole different set of people.

Instead of fretting over the potential lack of running, I’ve come up with my alternative exercise plan – or tenuous pseudo-exercise – for the days when I can’t face that early start.

  1. End of term parents’ party. I’m a very ‘enthusiastic’ dancer so this should count as a work out. I’ll be wearing these shoes too, so I like to think it is more of a challenge.IMG_1020
  2. Carrying all our equipment from the car to the campsite at Womad. I think this should at least count as a weights session.
  3. Womad, of course, lots of dancing, hopefully, but in slightly more sensible shoes. If I can sneak in a run, I will, but we’ve got four boxes of wine to add to our friends’ five, I’m thinking lazy, coffee-fuelled mornings.
  4. Helping the youngest learn to ride her bike. This will inevitably involve a lot of stop-start, with me chasing the bike, so I’m hoping to work some kind of intervals around it. Given the progress so far, there might be a few of these sessions. You never know by the end of the holidays, she could be cycling alongside on a normal weekday run.
  5. There’ll be a pool when we go away, so that’s easy, swimming.
  6. It’s in beautiful countryside too, so if I can sneak in a run I will, but there’ll be leisurely walks with the family.
  7. I can definitely get the kids to time me doing short intervals on the beach – a chance to run barefoot – and they might join in too. Never too early to get them interested.
  8. We’re at CenterParcs for a week too, so lots of opportunities for alternative exercise, definitely a game of badminton, some cycling and more swimming.
  9.  I’m sure I read somewhere about how housework counts as exercise, I wouldn’t normally, but for the next six weeks, I’m going to claim it.
  10. Rest, ok, not a form of exercise, but it’s probably won’t be too bad to give my legs a bit of a rest.

More seriously, I’ve just signed up to do the Stampede at London Zoo on September 15th, so I do have to get some real running in. Let’s face it, I couldn’t go for long without and I’ll be finding ways of sneaking it in somehow.


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