You buy new sunglasses, then it’s cloudy…

June 12, 2013

At the weekend, I finally popped into my local opticians to get some sunglasses to run in, only to find that they don’t stock them and sold me a sports band instead. Basically, a piece of elastic that you fix on to your sunglasses, holding them in place and rather than spend anything from £30 to £150 as I’d been looking at, this cost only £5.

Sadly it was cloudy and horrible today so I didn’t bother with them and tomorrow I’ve got my long run, so don’t want to wear them in case it is annoying after two miles and I’ve still got ten to go.

I’m getting my eyes tested on Monday, so my other fear is I discover I need glasses and then we’re looking at prescription sunglasses. I think I might be over complicating things.

Back to the running, was a bit disappointed today, my pace felt fine in the main, but again I was stymied by the hill, it took me a bit too long to recover for my liking. I really need to do some hill work, so one little hill doesn’t throw me off track, but, to be honest, I’m still a bit anxious as it always seems to be the hills that leave me with an injury, usually some calf thing. Still, maybe that’s why I need to do more, so my calves get used to it and so are less likely to be shocked and damaged.

Sounds like I’ve managed to talk myself into that one then. Great, sprints and hill work this week. Combine the two or is that just asking for trouble?

Today’s stats: 6.2miles, 52:39

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