The dreaded sprint session…

June 7, 2013

So, sprints today, still not a big fan but they’re definitely having a positive impact on my ‘normal’ running.

I think I realised today, during the rest periods, how much I don’t normally see or notice when I’m running, my mind zones out and my eyes glaze over. Everyone runs so differently, I found it fascinating watching gait and some habits and loved the wobbly bums in lycra. Brilliant, commit, buy the gear and just do it, I think casual park runners are fantastic.

I’ve been reading about Juneathon, and who is taking part and reading more blogs, suddenly, I feel part of a community, admittedly, one that probably doesn’t quite know that I’m hoping to belong to it.

Today’s stats: 6 x 200 metres, average pace 6.15 mins per mile

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