Learning to look around

June 20, 2013

A friend asked me what route I was going to run today, and when I told her, she suggested that I look out for some artwork on the side of a school, which came from a project that she did.

It was the third time I’d run this route so I was surprised to think there was something I hadn’t noticed, but there it was, seven miles in, a fabulous seamonster, made out of what looked like stained glass panels.

My lesson from today was to look around a bit more, I tend to zone out when I’m running, which I enjoy, but it wouldn’t hurt to take my surroundings in a bit more now and then!

Having remembered to try my sunglasses with a sportsband attached on yesterday’s run, and being surprisingly happy with them, I promptly forgot them today and spent several miles squinting into the sun.

Still, I was happy with my performance today, kept reminding myself to keep it steady, it was about the distance not the speed, managed an average speed of 8:30 mins per mile, and went for it during the last two, completing miles 11 and 12 in 8:15 and 8:05 respectively.

I was really pleased with this, if after ten miles I can step it up like that for the last two, doing half this distance at a higher speed should be doable. I do think that my body sees that first few miles as part of the warm up before kicking in at the later stages.

This means that either I need to run to the park for the 10k on Sunday or get there early and do lots of warming up.

I’m going concentrate on some hill work tomorrow, lose the sprints for a week (I’m quietly cheering inside), then rest on Saturday – or maybe go for a swim, we’ll see.

 Today’s stats: 12 miles, 1:42:04

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