Grumpy in the morning

June 11, 2013

After my disappointing failure to run on Friday, Saturday went well. Set out for a pleasant 10k, it was one of my favourite type of running days, sun shining, clear blue sky with a gentle breeze to take the heat out.

Unfortunately, I’m not really a morning person and it does take me a few miles to relax and properly enjoy the run. So, when I got to Finsbury Park, only 1.5 miles in, I had a big moan about the huge fences that were up after the gig the night before.

Ok, it’s not the glorious open countryside of the Lake District but I do like to look across the park and pretend I’m not in the middle of urban London. The prospect of just getting to stare at hoardings was a bit disappointing, so I had a little out load moan, not a shout, just a miserable mumble and set off.

I was cheered up pretty quickly as it was only a small bit of the park that was covered up, so I felt a bit guilty for moaning, apologised to the Stone Roses and set about cheering up.

I felt a bit more cheered after leaving the park, but became vexed by the second issue of the day. My hair, fringe now too long to be a fringe but just not long enough to tuck, I’m going to have to root out the Kirby grips.

Well, after all that, Saturday’s run wasn’t too bad, timing a fair bit over the 50 minute mark, but that was mostly waiting to cross a few roads – and of course the wasted moments stood in the park with my hands on my hips. I shouldn’t come up against these things on a race.

Saturday’s stats: 6.2miles, 53:14

Today’s stats: 6.2miles, 52:39

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