Finally shedding the winter layers

June 4th, 2013

The sun was still shining, the kids were back at school, I had a new route in my head – no out and back for me today – so all set for an exhilarating 10k.

Following my last run, made sure I had some water with me today. Well, I took along 50p, only to discover that it had gone up to a massive 60p. I had to call on the good nature of the shopkeeper and promise to set him straight later, must remember to do that.

So, all ready to go, I dared to do something that I haven’t been brave enough for yet this year, I took off my outer layer before I’d even taken a step. Yes, this is not like me at all! It usually takes me at least a mile before it gets too much, summer must really be here.

It’s funny isn’t it, that even though I’ve only done one run in the last 10 days, and it was hot, and I was on an slightly unfamiliar route, I still felt able to run at my new, improved pace. It was reassuring to think that the work I’ve been putting in, must be paying off.

Today’s run has spurred me on again, and I’ve got my hills planned out for tomorrow now and some sprint work for Thursday, leaving a longer, more leisurely run for Friday.

Today’s stats: 6.2miles, 51:52mins

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