Cheering me on, I think

June 12, 2013

I had a weird experience on my run today, I was clapped by a group of primary school children on an outing as I ran past them. This has never happened to me before, I’ve only ever had one comment whilst running, a couple of years ago, a bloke shouted, ‘Are you training for the Olympics?’ to which I just replied, ‘I wish’.

Perhaps, as I’m not sure how sophisticated primary aged children’s sense of sarcasm is, I should just accept their encouragement with good grace and not as a total mickey take.

Other than that, all went well today, Kirby grips doing a good job, my decision not to bother with shades hadn’t left me squinting in the sun and I’d ensured that my Garmin was fully charged and ready to go.

I’m really glad of my Garmin on the longer runs these days as my efforts to get a faster 10k time have really impacted on the way I run. I have to make a conscious effort to slow down sometimes, as I don’t think I could maintain that faster time over the longer distance. Looking over my mile times, the majority were all 8:30 per mile or less. The longer ones were my water stops, I like to walk through a drink break, but still the slowest was 9:03.

I find this amazing, when I started running my aim was to run a marathon in under four hours, and I strove for a nine-minute mile pace. That took a lot of hard work to achieve and I was really happy. Setting new targets, be it distance or pace, and organising the training to make it happen, definitely helps to keep me motivated and improving. It still amazes me what my body can do.

Today’s stats: 12miles, 1:42:58

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