Another piece of ‘necessary’ kit

July 10, 2013

Today was so hot, that I didn’t even put my jacket on for the warm up, and believe me that takes a lot. I haven’t been doing much in the way of distance lately, focusing on the 10k and a bit of speed work, so I decided to have a go at 15k today.

I chose my route so that there would be a decent amount of shade and a water fountain to fill my bottle so I didn’t have to ration it too thinly. 500ml got me round to the six mile mark, I had a drink then filled my bottle, well, you might as well. I downed the lot at the eight mile point waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Confirmation, as if it was needed, that it was proper hot today, yes, my hair was actually dripping and there was sweat running down my back. It felt like I’d worked hard today, so I was interested to look at my stats when I got back.

I was consciously trying not to go too fast as I knew that I had the distance to cover so I was pleased to see that most of my times were around the 8:20 mark.

My problem today was sunglasses, I’ve just bought a new pair and they’re just not comfortable for running, even with the sports band. So, finally, after avoiding it, or even dismissing it as unnecessary, I committed to buying a pair of running sunglasses.

Just over £30 later, I am now the owner of some shades just for running. They’re very light, have a really soft bit that sits on your nose, and come with four sets of lenses for differeny levels of sunshine. I feel like I’ve taken another step on the ‘I’m a proper runner’ chart – if there is one, I need to know!

Today’s stats: 15k, 1:17:40

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