A whole load of excuses

Last Sunday, it was the 10k I’d been working up to, in London’s Hyde Park. I woke up nice and early to have a decent breakfast, including the obligatory two cups of tea.

Then hitch number one, no clean socks! I was convinced I’d saved one pair, so had to do that awful thing of fishing an old pair out of the laundry basket. (Note to self, buy more socks.) I left home just after 7.30am, which left me plenty of time to get over to the park.

Hitch number two, I’d put £10 in my back pocket to buy water and a paper for on the way back, but it must have fallen out when I took my ticket out. Grrr.

Hitch number three, the bead on the sports band on my sunglasses that allows you to tighten them broke, so I had to put a knot in it.

If you believe in omens, things were not looking good ahead of the race.

On top of that, it was ferociously hot, even at 8am, the run started at 9am and it would just get hotter as the race wore on.

Still, I’d done a good amount of training and was quietly confident that I could make my under 50 minutes target.

I started well, with a first mile in 7:58, but it all went slightly wrong after that. The fifth mile was the hardest, the heat was really getting to me, I had caught up with the walkers and was having to navigate a path through them and I’d run out of water. All of which took my time down to 8:17 for the mile. I made a bit back on mile six, then really ran for the last little bit as I could see I was close to the time.

Sadly, I finished just outside the 50 minute mark, by only three seconds, tantalisingly close, I couldn’t help but be disappointed.

I know now that I should definitely be able to complete a 10k in that time, then I’ve got to think about the next challenge, 5k in 20 minutes? Maybe I’ll just wait till this box is ticked first.

Sunday’s stats: 10k, 50:03

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