A touch of the post race blues

June 28, 2013

Thank goodness it’s Friday and I can put this week of running behind me. Did my third 10k of the week, leaving sprints till tomorrow and that’s the weekend so doesn’t count, and was really glad when it was over.

My legs have been feeling sluggish and heavy all week and it was a real struggle to complete my run today. I can’t really blame the rain either, I don’t mind getting wet, although the slippery pavements can make me a bit nervous, but they weren’t too bad today.

I followed the same basic route I’d done earlier in the week, down to the canal, up the hill and then the rest basically flat, again I struggled up the hill and Wednesday’s distraction technique didn’t seem to work today. It didn’t take too long to recover so that’s good.

My average pace was 8:32 mins per mile, which a few weeks ago I would have been pleased with, it’s funny how the new goal has changed my perception of my ability.

I can’t quite put my finger on why, I know I usually suffer a bit of post race blues and maybe I’ve been suffering post ‘the race that never was’ blues. At least that would make sense or maybe I’ve subconsciously just not been in the mood, fitness wise there’s been no good reason.

So, this weekend (after the sprints), I’m going to have a really good rest, some fun and get my head ready for next week. There are now only two weeks till my next attempt at the 10k – and I’ve checked and tripled checked the date, then checked again – so I need to get my head down and concentrate.

Today’s stats: 6.2 miles, 52:57 

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